Billie Ruth Morrow

Dearest Friends and Family,

It is with peace, hope, and love, that we share our Founding Theorist, Billie Ruth Morrow, is now dancing her eternal dance.

She flew surrounded by beloved family and friends at 1:40pm October 13, 2019, one month from her 91st birthday with joy, blue skies, warm sunshine and a her favorite full moon, she let go peacefully. I felt her heart in that moment with the palm of my hand and her spirit was full of happiness, excitement, joy, peace, and unconditional love.

Her stories have given Theorists around the world, the gift of love and a whimsical spark for adventure and genuinley wanting to get to know every person she met.

My last conversation with Grandmom, she told me to have a wonderful Theorist Fest and make people feel spectacular. As she always said, "Love takes a lot of something little, and we're not Quitters." In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Theorist Fest. The festival servers the undeserved including a community block party for neighbors experiencing homelessness. Free Performances are open to the community and feature 85 artists from all of the countries she has personally traveled to.

Your donations goes directly to paying the artists and ensuring the festivities remain free to all, exactly as Billie Ruth loved celebrations to be. Inviting the word to her home!

We love you, our eternal sunshine, Billie Ruth Morrow



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